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Shane DowlerVerified

Typhur InstaProbe is a success in my house

The Typhur InstaProbe is incredibly user-friendly, making it suitable for people with varying levels of experience, it's so easy to use. Basically, open it up, insert into your meat and or liquid and it reads the temperature. To shut the probe off, all you need to do is close it. Very easy to clean.
Well Made:
When it comes to construction quality, the Typhur InstaProbe doesn't disappoint. The attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials indicate that this device is designed to stand the test of time. Its robust build ensures that it can handle regular use without showing signs of wear and tear. You can feel confident that you're investing in a product that's built to last.
Accurate Temperature:
Its precision and consistency in delivering accurate temperature measurements set it apart, you can rely on the Typhur InstaProbe to provide you with trustworthy readings.
Great Packaging:
The Typhur InstaProbe comes packaged in a way that showcases the company's dedication to quality from the moment you receive it. The packaging is not only visually appealing but also ensures that the product arrives in pristine condition. This attention to detail in packaging adds to the overall positive experience of purchasing and using the device.


Fast, Accurate, and Fancy - The Ultimate Thermometer Experience!

I recently purchased this thermometer, and I am beyond impressed with its performance, design, and user experience. The key features that set it apart are its speed, accuracy, and the inclusion of a fancy OLED display.The very first thing I noticed was how fast this thermometer delivers accurate readings. Within mere seconds, I had a precise temperature reading, eliminating the need for any guesswork. I've tested it on multiple occasions, and it consistently provided reliable results.One aspect that truly stands out is the fancy OLED display. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also enhances the user experience by providing clear and easy-to-read measurements. The display is bright and visible even in low light conditions, making it incredibly convenient for those late-night fever checks.In summary, this thermometer is a fantastic investment for anyone in need of a fast, accurate, and visually appealing device. Its remarkable speed, precision, and the added touch of a fancy OLED display make it a must-have in any household.


Very fast and accurate reading! Super sleek!

This is the best thermometer I’ve had so far! It is on the pricey side but definitely worths it. I simply cannot believe how fast this thing is and when you are cooking over a hot grill that couple seconds saving makes a big difference.It is also very sleek, versatile and easy to clean. Overall a great addition to my grilling kit. Highly recommend!

T WestVerified


So....I've used a Thermoworks Thermapen for years and I've never found anything that was it's equivalent. Also, for clarification purposes, I have been using the Thermapen Classic, which is not the latest version. I mean, I never really needed to change as the performance was always superb. At any rate, I have finally found a worthy competitor to the mighty Thermapen....the Typhur Instaprobe. After having a chance to use this thermometer, here are my thoughts:*Battery. Easy win for the Typhur Instaprobe....2 AAA batters vs the round little one that no one ever has lying around the house.*Display. The Typhur Instaprobe is easier to read and adjusts as you rotate it. Instaprobe wins this one too.*Water Resistance. I didn't really test this as I don't want to ruin one of the thermometers but based on the specs, the Typhur Instaprobe wins again. However, Thermoworks has come out with a new version that should match the Instaprobe....but my Thermapen Classic is down 0-3.*Performance. See video....it's really a toss up. Both work great and are super fast. Perhaps chicken breast on a hot grill isn't the best test, I want to be able to take 4 or 5 readings of my brisket in a matter of seconds....both can do this.I have tried a half dozen or so thermometers that have claimed that they are instant read, only to be disappointed. The Instaprobe does deliver, I am honestly a little surprised. I now have a new go-to thermometer for our kitchen....really glad that I gave this one a shot.

Anton AnisimovVerified

Most great Air Frier on the market

Design (5/5):
The Typhur Air Fryer showcases a refined, modern and compact design that beautifully aligns with any kitchen aesthetics. Its digital display combined with touch controls simplifies the user interface, making it an accessible tool for every home cook.

Size (5/5):
As regard to size, the Typhur Air Fryer offers admirable capacity, allowing a good serving portion for small to medium-sized families. However, for those hosting larger gatherings or needing to cook in bulk may find its size limiting.

Quietness (5/5):
The Typhur Air Fryer prioritises your comfort by operating noiselessly. This expertly engineered appliance ensures minimal noise distraction, providing you with an enjoyable and tranquil cooking experience.

Functionality (4.5/5):
Despite its generally impressive performance in air frying, it disappointingly misses out on a preheat feature, often found in its competitors. The absence of a preheat function could hinder achieving optimal cooking output with ease.

In summary, the Typhur Air Fryer performs excellently in design, size, and quietness, with high marks for each. The lack of a preheat mode slightly deters its functionality rating. Nonetheless, it remains a reliable choice for those in search of a modern, compact, and quiet air fryer.