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Our Story

Typhur | Aiming for #1 in Cooking Science

Typhur Sous Vide Station

Why Typhur

Over the past decade, we've seen remarkable technological advancements in areas such as smartphones, smart homes, and electric cars. However, smart kitchen appliances appear to have lagged behind this rapid evolution.

Typhur is set to change that. Determined to bridge this gap, Typhur is leading the charge in integrating cutting-edge technology into home kitchens. Rooted in advanced scientific techniques yet simplified for the everyday chef, our appliances empower all to create flawless meals with ease.

With user-friendly interfaces, guided recipes, and sleek designs, Typhur ensures a cooking experience that is both unparalleled and refreshingly straightforward.
Typhur InstaProbe Meat Thermometer


In today's culinary landscape, technology and precision are intertwined. When crafting a flawless steak or signature dish, the role of technology is undeniable.

Typhur, at the nexus of technological innovation and culinary precision, is redefining standards. Harnessing state-of-the-art technological solutions and a deep knowledge of cooking sciences, we empower home chefs to achieve unparalleled accuracy in every dish. With Typhur, it's not just about cooking; it's about merging technology with artistry to elevate your culinary precision for superior results.
Typhur Dome Air Fryer

Making Cooking Effortless

We understand that the joys of cooking can sometimes be clouded by its complexities. That's where Typhur shines, enhancing every moment you invest in the kitchen. By revolutionizing the culinary process, we free up more of your time for the things that truly matter. Our dedication to the fine points of culinary science, combined with innovative tech, ensures your culinary journey is significantly effortless, giving you more precious moments!
The Innovation Behind the Typhur Dome Air Fryer